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*Automatic deliveries: If yes, then only with approved credit. Please contact the office should you add, remove, or stop using a second source of heat (wood, heat pumps, etc). You will be at risk of running out oil if the office is not notified in a timely manner of this change.

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Credit Policy Terms & Conditions

The following Credit Policy is written and adopted to meet Federal and State Credit Laws. Wardwell Oil will not discriminate in granting credit on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
sex, marital status, age; because all or part of the applicant’s income derives from any public assistance
program; or because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit
Protection Act.

All bills are due upon presentation: All account balances, which are unpaid after ten (10) days after
billing date, are overdue. Terms are net 14. Unless requested different.

Credit to approved accounts only. Credit is determined via a signed, completed credit application. Upon
review of the application, an approval or denial letter shall be sent within 48 business hours.

Late Fee/Finance Charge Terms: All accounts are subject to late charges. A late fee will be added,
computed at a periodic rate of 1 ½%, which is an annual rate of 18%, calculated for the date of purchases
on amounts unpaid 30 days or more. After the net 14 days are passed a Finance charge of $.10 cents per
gallon will be added to customers account.

Change in Terms: Wardwell Oil has the right to change terms of this agreement at any time by
giving notice as required by law. New terms may apply to balances outstanding at the time the new terms
take effect, subject to state law.

Obtaining and Furnishing Credit Data: Wardwell Oil may obtain a credit report on applicants
for credit or in connection with an update, renewal, or extension of credit.

Collection Costs: shall be added to all accounts referred to Maine District Court. Cost may include, but
not limited to, fees paid to the court, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Attorney Fees. Copies of all
collection costs shall be provided at the customer’s request.

Termination of Account: Wardwell Oil retains the right to cancel or limit use of your account.
Automatic Delivery: is determined by No Frills Oil. Inc. based on credit approval and/or credit history.
Consumer must maintain access to property and communicate changes in consumption.

Will Call Delivery: A customer may call when he/she wished product to be delivered. Wardwell Oil shall deliver Will Call Accounts on the next scheduled delivery day without a delivery charge.

Delivery Charges: of $75.00 may be applied for an established customer for any delivery requested other
than the regular delivery schedule.

C.O.D. Accounts: require payment before or at the time of delivery. A C.O.D. account must still submit
a new account/credit application to open an account.

Budget Accounts: a customer with a zero balance and approved credit may request a budget account. 11
monthly payments are based on 12 month usage. Accounts failing to remit two (2) consecutive payments
will be removed from the budget plan, returned to standard pricing, taken off automatic delivery and
placed on previous credit status.

Check/Electronic Check Re-Presentment Policy: Should your check be returned for insufficient finds,
your account will be debited for the checks face amount, plus a returned check processing fee of $25 will
be applied.


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